The first day’s schedule includes an introduction to Tai Chi, how it can be used to rehabilitate shoulders, and what makes it so effective. Participants will learn—and use—essential Tai Chi principles along with movements. The movements are taught sequentially, each building on the previous.

During the second day, some Retreat participants will join several of the sessions, allowing for an opportunity to practice teaching in a safe environment.

This 2-day workshop is approved for CE hours as follows:
14 CE hours through the FL Board of Physical Therapy Practice
14 CE hours through the FL Board of Occupational Therapy
12 CE hours through the FL Board of Nursing;
12 CE hours through the FL Board of Psychology
12 CE hours through the FL Board of Acupuncture

Tai Chi combines exercise, meditation, and psychosocial components. Although it is an ancient Chinese martial art, Tai Chi is now used mainly for health improvement and stress relief. When the tai chi principles are applied, there is a mind-body connection that enhances healing.  

Studies show Tai Chi is one of the most effective activities available for training and improving dynamic balance, proprioception, postural alignment, active range of motion, and functional performance, while reducing falls and the fear of falling.  Although Tai Chi has great depth, Tai Chi movements can be easy to learn, require no special equipment, and can be easily incorporated into existing interventions, exercises, activities, or classes for a variety of populations.

The Tai Chi for Shoulder Rehabilitation program focuses on whole body shoulder rehabilitation and includes the full shoulder range of motion while performing tai chi movements. This is a gentle rehabilitation protocol with limits in range of motion and exercise to promote tendon healing without taking any substantial risks. These movements are taught as continuous flow, small circle tai chi.  In this manner, one movement is practiced in a continuous flow pattern, staying below the pain threshold, which greatly enhances the therapeutic effects in a safe, enjoyable way.

The Tai Chi for Shoulder Rehabilitation program provides targeted, safe continuous therapeutic movement below the pain threshold that incorporates the mind and body working together as it would in daily life.  Participants learn principles and movements from Qigong (energy work), Tai Chi and bang practice (Tai Chi stick) as the three components of the rehabilitation program.