One of the key benefits of participating in a LWP event is building community. We are thrilled to continue to do so via virtual Seasonal Qi events in addition to the retreat.

What is a Seasonal Qi event

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Five Element System takes special note of the relationship between the cycle of the seasons as it impacts our body’s bio-energetic climate. Each season resonates with one of the five elements—wood, water, fire, metal, earth. During a Seasonal Qi event, LWP team members guide you through various Tai Chi/Qigong routines which introduce the corresponding element, specific organ(s) and their related emotions.

A time to nurture our creative energies
The Element of Fire
Focus on the Heart
July 12, 2020

Late Summer
A time for slowing down, observing, preparing
The Element of Earth
Focus on the Stomach and Spleen
October 10, 2020


The Element of Water
Focus on the kidneys and bladder
6pm EST, Thursday, January 21, 2021

Winter, in its deep stillness, calls upon us to look into our depths, to reconnect with our inner being, to befriend the darkness within and around us.
This event is offered in conjunction with the Living With the Principles retreat.
The event is free, but you must register.
(Registration opening in November.)