Brief History

In 2015 several of us Tai Chi for Health Master Trainers were talking about the amazingly diverse knowledge and experiences we each had in the process of integrating Tai Chi into our daily lives. This led to more conversations, centering on if, how, and where we could provide an annual stress-free 3-4 day opportunity for colleagues—from around the country—to gather and share their knowledge and experiences. After a few more conversations, with other like-minded colleagues who were willing to give freely of their time, we had a core group willing to host such an event. Thus was born the Living With the Principles retreat.

The emphasis must be on the word “retreat”. For this is not a “workshop” or a “bootcamp”. Rather it is truly a retreat – an opportunity to “escape” from your real world for a while to concentrate on your health and wellness. It’s a time to exchange ideas, share experiences and knowledge, to learn about mindful practices such as tai chi and qigong (or reflect on their depth), to smile, to laugh, and more.

2022 Retreat


Click on the VIEW 2022 PROGRAM above to see the full program. It lists sessions and times by day and includes Session Leaders’ bios. Please note that this list may change as we continue to refine it before January 28th.As in the past, some sessions will be repeated at a different time/day. Following the retreat, live recordings, pre-recorded practice materials, or documentation for each session, will be made available to all registrants.

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from the stresses of life. It’s not about avoiding stress, but learning to thrive within the stress. The essential principles of Tai Chi/Qigong can strengthen our five pillars of resilience: self-awareness, self-care, mindfulness, positive relationships, and purpose.

This Retreat provides a forum to address current stressors—such as wildfires, pandemic, political strife—that impact our mental and physical health. Acute stressors can induce trauma, but can also trigger growth and an ability to positively adapt in ways that promote resilience for yourself and your community. This is why sessions on self-awareness, self-care and mindfulness have never been more relevant than now.

This Retreat is a time to rest, restore, and strengthen your vision and hope for a stronger, healthier world. Together we will share ways to cultivate and generate your personal resources, as we look at positive relationships and purpose.

Benefits of a Virtual Retreat

  • The absence of time and venue constraints. Retreat days will begin early (8:30 am EST) and run through the evening to ensure people from most time zones will be able to participate. There will be two rooms (different Zoom links), with popular sessions repeated. Participants will be able to choose which sessions they wish to attend and move between rooms.
  • Access the whole event from the comfort and safety of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection!
  • Using the Zoom Meeting allows participants to see, hear, and interact with each other as well as the session leader. And, to foster community, there will be facilitated break-out sessions in addition to structured classes. Full group sessions, to include Medical Qigong warm-ups, are also planned.
  • All registrants will have access to all recorded sessions and supporting material. (NOTE: Not all sessions will be recorded.)

Reasons To Attend

Learn – Gain invaluable tips to improve your health and wellness, explore different techniques to bring greater mindfulness to your practice, and learn how to achieve resilience and cultivate healthier relationships with yourself, others, and Nature.

Skilled Leaders — You will be guided by skilled session leaders, who will share their knowledge and encourage you to interact with them and like-minded people.

Cost – This virtual retreat lets you skip the cost of travel, hotel, food, and the extraneous expenses of an in-person retreat and pay only the registration fee.

Time – Have a work or family commitment during a session you want to see? Or are two great sessions happening at once? Watch or listen to the session recording later when you’re able. Plus, you can use the time typically spent traveling to and from the event to practice!