The Retreat program will include sessions on mindful movement, health and wellness, stress reduction, longevity, teaching specific populations, introduction to and depth of moving meditation practices such as tai chi and qigong. Six sessions each day, run simultaneously across these tracks over the four days. There are full group sessions in the morning and some evenings. Participants are free to choose sessions they want to attend; no need to follow just one track or attend all sessions.

Each of the four days activities commence at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. There is one 30-minute break in the morning and two hours for lunch (on your own). Each day will commence with a full group activity, followed by track break-out sessions. Being a retreat, this event is designed to be interactive and casual, ample time is built into the program for interaction, practice, and play among and with participants and/or family.

Instead of talks and tai chi forms, each session consists of round table discussions and/or standing or seated movement guided by highly qualified Session Leaders.

In order ensure quality sessions, registration is limited to 60 participants, with no more than 20 participants accommodated within each session. Registrants will be free to plan their own professional development path from within the Retreat Program.