The Island

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 Jekyll Island is a barrier island off the southeast coast of Georgia – midway between Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA. In 1886, Jekyll Island was purchased by a group of millionaires for use as an exclusive, private retreat known as “The Jekyll Island Club”. The island was purchased by the State of Georgia in 1947 from the Club (now the Historic District).

The western side of Jekyll is fronted by Jekyll Creek (the Intercoastal Waterway) and salt marshes. The eastern edge is defined by its expansive beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The natural environment of the island is a magnolia/live oak forest canopy.

Accessible by car just minutes from I-95, Jekyll Island offers a variety of amenities, including 10 miles of beach, 25+ miles of bike/walking trails, four golf courses, a 250-acre Historic Landmark District, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, a fishing pier, tennis center, and an array of lodging options including hotels, cottages and campgrounds.

Development on the island is limited to just 35 percent of its available land area. This unique aspect serves to preserve the critical barrier island ecosystem, and provide guests with a unique escape from the crowds and complications of other beach resort destinations.