In 2015 several of us Tai Chi for Health Master Trainers were talking about the amazingly diverse knowledge and experiences we each had in the process of integrating Tai Chi into our daily lives. This led to more conversations, centering on if, how, and where we could provide an annual stress-free 3-4 day opportunity for colleagues—from around the country—to gather and share their knowledge and experiences. After a few more conversations, with other like-minded colleagues who were willing to give freely of their time, we had a core group willing to host such an event. Thus was born “Living With the Principles”, now an annual retreat.

The emphasis must be on the word “retreat”. For this is not a “workshop” or a “bootcamp”. Rather it is a retreat – a opportunity to “escape” from your real world to a place surrounded by nature—sea, sky, and forests. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas, to share experiences and knowledge, to learn about mindful practices such as tai chi and qigong—or reflect on their depth, to smile, to laugh, to drum, and more.   

Reasons to come

  • Discover easy ways to include mindfulness in every part of your daily life.
  • Enhance your personal knowledge of the ancient arts of Tai Chi/Qigong, their healing properties, and relationships to the Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Discover ways in which your diet can more effectively complement your practice.
  • Learn from highly qualified and effective teachers in a congenial atmosphere.
  • Acquire tips and techniques for marketing and teaching your classes.
  • Meet, network, and journal with like-minded practitioners
  • Expand your knowledge of effective teaching.

Take time to relax, refresh, and renew

2018 Tai Chi Retreat
2018 Tai Chi Retreat