Retreat Video

Comparing Applications

Tai Chi Chuan is a complete system addressing health issues as well as being proficient in self-defense.  The principles of Tai Chi Chuan were born through understanding how the martial applications perform. In this session, we will explore and compare martial applications of Chen, Yang, and Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Leader: Mearl Thompson

Solo Push Hands Practice

Tui-shou (push hands) is an intricate component of Tai Chi Chuan.  Practicing push hands is an exercise in negotiation.  Any relationship involves learning  to negotiate with another person to create a positive connection. In these days of physical distancing, however, we often don’t have the luxury of having a partner with whom to practice. This session is designed to help you keep your push hands skills sharp through the use of solo push hands drills.

Leader: Mearl Thompson

Five Elements Tai Chi for Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Fear

The Five Elements Taiji for relieving stress, anxiety and fear takes us deeper into the Five Elements (fire, water, wood, metal, earth), to connect with the foundational inner essence of each element. This deep connection to the elements of nature helps us reach down to the core of our extreme emotions to help restore inner balance and peace from within. Participants will first work with each element separately to physically, internally, visually and audibly experience each element. This will help encourage a deeper physical, mental and spiritual connection with each element. Participants will then put all five elements together into a modified Five Elements form geared towards making a deeper and more profound connection with the five elemental forces of Nature.

Leader: Dan Jones

Introduction to Tai Chi Silk Reeling Therapy To Heal and Maintain Healthy Fascia Connective Tissue

As we age, one of the main health issues experienced are the aches and pains throughout the body when we move. A body that’s painful too often results in a body that is sedentary. The more sedentary we become, the worse the pain gets. There are, however, two major ways to correct this—body manipulation and movement therapy. Studies show that daily movement therapy exercises have been very effective at managing and relieving mobility pain by healing fascia connective tissue. The movements of Tai Chi Silk Reeling more effectively accomplishes this with slow, gentle, spiraling movements that access all angles of the body’s extremities while providing spiraling movements for the upper torso to keep the fascia lubricated and healthy. This session is designed to assist you in exploring how these Silk Reeling movements can heal your fascia connective tissue which, in turn, will help to prevent pain.

Leader: Dan Jones

Healing Food: Cooking With Chef Dan

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. ~ Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine.  

Join Chef Dan, in his kitchen, as he demonstrates how to prepare his hearty soup for strengthening your immune system and maintaining your health. Using organic grains and vegetables that are known for their immune-boosting powers, Chef Dan’s plant-based, one pot soup provides a healthy blend of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates to nourish the heart as well as the entire body.  An ingredient list will be available ahead of time so you can cook along with Chef Dan.  Suggestions to vary the soup according to individual taste will be provided, along with the downloadable menu.  

Leader: Chef Dan Jones

Mind Power

This session is designed to help you use your mind to enhance your tai chi and qigong practice.  Participants will learn to: open the 4 gates, use their entire dantian for breathing (not just abdominal breathing), and try some directed qi movements.

Leader: Betty Scanlon

Where Am I?

Discover, explore, and become intimate with your sense of proprioception, sometimes called the sixth sense. Proprioception, or kinesthesia, is the sense that lets us perceive the location, movement, and action of parts of the body. It encompasses a complex of list of  sensations and combines with other senses to locate external objects relative to the body and contributes to body image. Proprioception is closely tied to the control of movement. Being aware of—and using— your sense of proprioception not only enhances your tai chi and qigong experience, but also your interactions with others and your environment. It’s a critical sense to be using during these days of physical distancing. This session is designed to discover, explore, and discuss how Tai Chi/Qigong can enhance this sixth sense.

Leaders: Betty Scanlon and Maureen Miller

Qigong For Immunity

Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong on a daily basis has been proven to help build immunity. During this session, participants will explore a variety of simple, but effective, qigong movements and discuss ways in which they help to build immunity.

Leader: Betty Scanlon

Teaching Virtually

This session is designed to assist instructors who are—or who are thinking of—teaching virtually. Aspects of virtual teaching will be discussed including: technology; your venue; getting students connected; appropriate use of cameras. There will be time to look at the space and setup of each participant and give suggestions.

Leader: Maureen Miller

Two Dimensions In a Three Dimensional World

Most of us have experienced the challenge of trying to learn Tai Chi from a video. Why is this and what can be done to mitigate this challenge when teaching virtually.

Leader: Betty Scanlon & Maureen Miller

Guided Nature Therapy Walk

Nature Therapy is based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, translated loosely as Forest Bathing—one bathes in the atmosphere of the forest. It is a practice of spending time in the forest for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness. But it’s not just forests that provide these benefits. All of Nature can.

On this virtual walk, we will spend our time in/with nature—whether it’s a forest, a park, your backyard, inside looking out a window, or inside near a plant or picture of nature—in a way that invites healing interactions with ourselves, each other, and our environment. By moving through our environment mindfully, we will cultivate presence; by opening all our senses, we will consciously and respectfully communicate with ourselves, each other, and Nature.  

Leader: Maureen Miller

Balance Matters

This session opens up a level of awareness  of your life mentally & physically to  build confidence, a strong structure and the reasons why balance really does matter in your overall well- being. During this session, we will  establish the proper use of the principles to improve balance both physically and mentally using various movements with discussion. This session can be done standing or seated. 

Leader: Sheri Nicholson

Head To Toe With Flow

This empowering session will help build confidence and positive connections in one’s own body through simple yet powerful moves.
We will discuss and utilize all Principles, with an emphasis on Song. The importance of creating every move with proper breath, range of motion(rom) and strong posture will be emphasized. The goal is to achieve more awareness of how our body works and just how powerful Song is in our daily practice and lives. This session can be done standing or seated.
Leader: Sheri Nicholson

Harmonious Styles in Tai Chi

The various movements of Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun styles often appear to be quite different. While each was perhaps created with different objectives in mind, combining movements from each can lead to true meditation in motion—taking ourselves out of everyday worries to integrate the Yin and Yang internally by creating and sustaining a continual flow.  

Leaders: Deirdre Dwyer & Sheri Nicholson

Wudang Animals In Harmony

The Dragon, Leopard, Tiger, Snake & Crane comprise the Wudang Five animals.  Each animal movement improves the efficient function of an internal organ, bringing balance to one’s own body. Appreciating the intrinsic strength of each animal allows us to develop and bring those characteristics  into our relationships with others to promote harmony, strength and growth in our communities.

Leader: Deirdre Dwyer

Taoist Meditation with Soft Eye Gaze  

Tai Chi and Qigong teaches us a path to effortless meditation.  From mental calm we progress to cultivating the Qi, mindfully aware of our body from within.  With continued practice we meditate outward, beyond a dualistic view of life, to an open, spacious and compassionate awareness of our connection with others and nature.  Drawing inspiration and strength from nature we gaze at the world and its events from an unperturbed inner quietude.

Leader: Deirdre Dwyer