Healthy Relationships, Positives Connections is the theme for our January 2021 Living With the Principles retreat. Sessions will focus on discovering, adapting, and applying Tai Chi principles to created/sustain healthy relationships and positive connections with ourselves, with other humans, and with the natural world.

In light of health, economic, and social challenges everyone is facing, we concluded that it makes more sense to make the January 2021 retreat be a virtual rather than live event. Knowing that one of the main benefits of participating in a LWP retreat is the sharing of knowledge and community, it is our desire to maintain this in a virtual environment.

Thus, in preparation/practice of building community, we will be hosting two (2) one hour “Seasonal Qi” virtual sessions via Zoom. During these sessions LWP team members will lead you in different Tai Chi/Qigong routines focusing on the season’s element. These routines will be designed to build a healthy relationship with ourself, with others, and with our environment.

Both are free sessions, but registration is required (see side bar). Registration for Summer Seasonal Qi, July 11th, is now open.

We would appreciate, in exchange, that you provide us with any feedback (e.g. likes, dislikes, requests to repeat, requests to dig deeper, etc.). We also would appreciate your assistance in planing our January 2021 retreat. What would you like to see included in the program? Please send your suggestions to

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Summer Seasonal Qi
Saturday, July 11
at 10:00 AM EDT

Register in advance for this meeting at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

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What People Are Saying

I’m writing to thank you again for organizing presenting another amazing Living With the Principles retreat. It means so much to me to be able to have this experience — continuing to learn from each of you, meeting and playing with a wonderful group of tai chi enthusiasts, and relaxing in the beautiful environment of Jekyll Island.” ~ D.S.

“Thank you so much! These dropbox pieces just remind me of how much I learned at your wonderful retreat!” ~ C.K.

Most beneficial aspects of attending

“Relaxed atmosphere and small groups made question asking and learning easier.” ~ K.F.
“Wonderful (leaders), interesting course content.” ~ C.K.
“Relaxed atmosphere; interactive discussions.” ~ J.S.
“The perfection of the beauty of Jekyll. The sea, the sky, the ground. The feeling of family and community. The wide variety of choices. The freedom to move from one track to another.” ~ S.F.
“Learning new things, playing with others, beautiful setting.” ~ C.K.
“All the wonderful energy. New things to share with my students.” ~ S.N.
“Renewing and refreshing.” ~ J.C.
“I enjoyed the variety and relaxed atmosphere. NO pressure.” ~ K.F.
“Everything was great! But I just loved being able to get away and learn rather than instructing classes. The atmosphere here is great, as well.” ~ B.W.
“Having the opportunity to meet and learn from a variety of talented people (and) being around so many people who share the love of tai chi and quigong is so energizing!” ~ B.Z.
“Expanding my knowledge/personal growth. Playing with all my favorite people. Being pushed beyond my comfort box.” ~ D.S.
“To explore TC in depth in a relaxing and free environment – to pick and choose (and the freedom to change my mind).” ~ L.B.