Seasonal Qi

As a lead up to the 7th annual Living With the Principles retreat, free one-hour Seasonal Qi sessions (via Zoom) will be offered. These sessions will provide participants with exercises, meditations, nutrition, and more that correspond to the specific season in which it is offered. Days/times will alternate, to ensure no matter where in the world you live, you should be able to attend at least one or two sessions.

More Information & Registration
Ying Yang

7th Annual Living With the Principles Retreat:
Friday, January 28 – 30, 2022 (via Zoom)

This Retreat was conceived with the understanding that health and wellness depends on incorporating the essential principles of Tai Chi/Qigong into everyday life. Such principles have never been more essential than in this time of global pandemic, natural disasters and political discontent. Our lifestyle choices, as Tai Chi and Qigong players, not only strengthen our physical health and energy, but guard us from mental and emotional stress. Learning to build up and gird the body, mind and heart through our practice of the Principles is our daily prescription for health, hope and wholeness.

The theme for this three-day retreat, Achieving Resilience, promises to assist participants in understanding how daily practice of these principles allows us to adapt—mentally, emotionally, and physically—in the face of adversity, trauma, threats, and other significant sources of stress.

As we will be meeting online, via Zoom, it is now easier and more affordable than ever to learn—and share—how “living with the principles” promotes life and health.

Register today and join us on this journey to create a better you, a stronger community, and a healthier world. And please invite your family and friends to also participate. For, while the principles and practice we will share are derived from Tai Ch/Qigong, it is not necessary to have experience in these arts to benefit from this Retreat.

What People Are Saying

“The classes were informative as well as experiential with excellent organization and an easy flow. Having the chance to choose what I wanted to learn and explore allowed me focus on the joy of learning. It was also great to connect with old friends and enjoy seeing the new folks I had not met before. One of the most valuable things about this retreat is that I will be able to use much of what I learned in my teaching practice which is great!. Did I also mention that the instructors managed to make learning a lot of fun?” ~ CPK

“Incredible! Loved it. You were all great! Sign me up for January!!!!!” ~ MG

“I love working with and learning from these amazing tai chi players! Not only do they do a great job presenting their sessions in clear and understandable ways, they have a broad knowledge base to draw from and wonderfully share that with us and each other.” ~ DLS

“I would highly recommend attending this retreat. My understanding of tai chi/qi gong has been expanded. Many details were given regarding postural alignment, sensing energy, using mindful intent and being present to make the whole program so much more meaningful and alive.” ~ ES